How To Use UMT Dongle-A Starting Guide

In this particular post, we will Talk About UMT Dongle, How Can You Install UMT, How To Use UMT Dongle, Things you need to know before using UMT dongle.

Here I will share some features Of UMT, So That You can easily use other Features,

Now Let’s Start…

As I Already Shared With You About UMT, In that Post, I hope You know about it,

  • UMT Installation Guide

UMT Dongle 1

Requirements For UMT Dongle Installation:

  • UMT Dongle
  • Smart Card Drive          Mega    ⇔   Mediafire

(This Driver Works For Almost All Dongles, Also For Both Window 10-7)

UMT Smart card driver,UMT Support Access File

Download Requirements From Above Link And Extract

Make Sure Your Antivirus Is OFF, And UMT Dongle is Connected to PC

  • Smart Card Driver

UMT Installation Step 1

Open Smart Card Folder Click On instDrv_stdRK200_64bit.exe

Select language English, And Click Ok

UMT Installation Step 2

Now Click On Install

Click Finish.

 Restart Your PC, Your Are Successfully Installed Smart card driver

If You Still face Any issue in Dongle connecting And driver Yellow Sign In Device manager

Showing Error Missing Smart card Issue, Then Follow Below Steps,


UMT Error -Umt Smart Card missing

Right Click On Smart Card Update Driver   Browse my computer Let me pic Scroll DownSmart cards

Umt Smart Card missing Solution

Click On Identity Device (Microsoft generic Profile) Click Next

This process  Will Fix Your Missing Smart Card Issue.

How To Use UMT Dongle?

  • UMT Support Access

Now Install And Open UMT Support Access

UMT Support Access

From Installers You can Download UMT Latest Setups,

Ultimate MTK
Ultimate FRP
Ultimate GSM
Ultimate Samsung
And UMT Card Manager

UMT Dongle All Setups


Now Here I will share with You Some Useful features of QcFire, Ultimate MTK, Ultimate FRP, So That You will Get An Idea How to Use them,


  • UMT Card Manager

In UMT Card Manager You can know About UMT card Serial numbers, Expiry Date, etc.

UMT Card Manager Error Fix

Before Use Any Setup Launch UMT card Manager And Click On Get Card InfoUpdate Card Firmware then Update card Counter.

Now You can use UMT Dongle Setups Without Any error.

  • QcFire

In Qcfire Setup You can Use many Features On Qualcomm CPU,

Example:- Flashing, Unlocking, FRP Rest, Phone read Info, Read Pattern Lock, Format UserData, IMEI Repair, Reboot to EDL from Fastboot, Reset Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices, Disable Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices Etc Features.

UMT Dongle Qcifire Using Guide Step 1

  • 1-Flasher Tab

UMT Dongle Qcifire Using Guide Step 2


In the Flasher tab, You can Flash Qualcomm CPU Devices,

To Flash, You have to First Check Mark  On Program,  Patch 

Select  Program File raw program, From Flash file folder

No need to Select Patch File, It Will Automatically Load Patch File,

Make Sure After File Select,

Protect IMEI, Reboot When Finished, Options has Check Mark

Connect Your Phone in EDL Mode,

Then Simply Click On Flash Button,

If You Get Any Loader Error in Flashing,

Then Untick Auto Loder And Select prog_emmc_firehoseddr.mbn File, From Flash file folder

2Read & Tools Tab

UMT Dongle Qcifire Using Guide Step 3

To use Read & Tools Tab,

You have to Select Brand then Model,

For Frp, Pin, Pattern, Locks, etc works

  • Read Info 

In this option, You can Get  About phone Info, like model no, Android version, etc Info,

This option helps You if You don’t know About phone information if in case the phone is On hanging on the logo. This Option Work On EDL Mode,

  • Read Firmware

In this option, You can read the firmware in EDL mode and make a backup and keep it with You,

  • Read Pattern

In This Option You can read Pattern In EDL Mode, This Will Work Only Android Version 6, And Below Versions Devices, It Will does not work on the Above Android version 6,

  • Reset FRP

In this Option, You can remove FRP Lock-In EDL Mode, Here You have to Just select  Brand And model, And Click Reset FRP

  • Reset Lock

In this Option, You can remove PIN, Password, Pattern w/o Data Loss, In EDL Mode,

Note:-  This option may not work on all devices.

  • Vivo FS/FRP 

In this option, You can Remove, PIN, Password, Pattern, And FRP In EDL Mode, This Option works on Vivo New Security phones, So First You have to select a model if this Option highlight then You can use it,

  • Format FS (Format File System)

In This Option, You can Format Qualcomm devices In Safe Mode, by selecting Brand and Model, Just Click On Execute, You can Remove, PIN, Password, Pattern, And FRP in EDL Mode After Format FS 

UMT Dongle Qcifire Using Guide Step 4

We, Will, See Some Other Option In IMEI Repairing Post.

  • 3Xiaomi Special Tab

In this tab, You can work for Xiaomi devices.

UMT Dongle Qcifire Using Guide Step 5

  • Reboot EDL

In this Option, You can Reboot In EDL Mode, Fastboot to EDL

IF 1 is Not Work Then try 2 

This option Work Only For Older Xiaomi devices, not for the latest devices

  • Reset Mi Account

In this Option, You can Remove Mi Account In EDL Mode,

  • Disable Mi Account

If  After Reset Option Mi Account Not Remove Then You can use this Option, This option Work In EDL Mode,

  • Factory Reset

In this Option, You can factory reset Xiaomi devices, This Option Work In Recovery Mode,

  • Anti Relock

If Your Xiaomi Devices Mi Account Relock After Connect WiFi then You can use this option  This Option Works On ADB Mode,

  • Disable Screen Lock

In this Option You can Remove Disable Screen Lock Without Data Loss, This Option Works On EDL Mode, This Work only Older Devices On low-security devices

How To Connect The Qualcomm Phones In UMT?

For Qualcomm CPU  first, you have to Connect the Phone In EDL 9008 Mode, select Brand And  Model, then Select an option According to your need,

  • Ultimate MTK

In Ultimate MTK Setup You can Use many Features On MTK CPU,

Example:-Read Info, Reset FRP, Disable Lock, IMEI Repair, Reboot to META, Safe Format, Backup NVRAM, Restore NVRAM, etc Features.UMT Dongle MTK TOOL Using Guide Step 1

  • 1Flasher Tab

UMT Dongle MTK TOOL Using Guide Step 2-

In the Flasher tab, You can Flash MTK CPU Devices,

To Flash You Have To Click On  Load scatter, Then Select  Scatter File From Flash file,

After Load file, Click On Flash Button,

Connect phone, You can see in log how to connect the phone,

You can flash by  Brand Model Or by chipset too if You Get Any error,

  • 2Tools/ FRP

UMT Dongle MTK TOOL Using Guide Step 3-


  • Reset FRP 

In this option, You can remove FRP Just Select Brand And Model And Click Reset FRP,

Connect the phone,


  • Read Pattern

In This option, You can read Pattern lower Security phone, Not work on All phones

  • Reset Locks

In this option, You can reset Locks, Just Select Brand and model, Not work on All phones

  • Reset lock ( Vivo)

In this option, You can use for Vivo phones to remove Locks, in this option gallery Data will not remove, Not work on All  Vivo phones

  • Oppo Reset Locks

In this option, You can Use For Oppo phones to remove locks, in this option gallery Data will not remove, This option Not work on All  oppo phones

  • FacRst (Meta)

In this option, You can Factory reset Phones in meta mode, This option does not work on All MTK phones

  • Format FS

If the Above option does not Work, then You can use this option to factory reset, or You can format FS in Safe Mode, Just Select Brand and model, And click On Do

  • Oppo Reset method

In this option, You can Reset Oppo-Realme latest security phones,

If This Option does not work then try Format FS by Selecting the model.

Oppo Realme Unlock In UMT-

How To Connect The MTK Phone In UMT?

For MTK CPU first, you have to Select Brand And Model, Select an option According to your need,

Connect the phone Directly via USB cable,

or by pressing the Volume Up and Down Button

Devices with MediaTek chipsets have a BROM (Boot read-only memory) (Secure boot Devices)


UMT MTK 4.3 Update

MTK One Click
– No need to select any model.
– No need to select any DA/preloader.
– Simply tick the required options and execute.

UMT MTK 4.3 Update-MTK One Click

  • Ultimate FRP

UMT Dongle Ultimate FRP TOOL Using Guide Step 1-

This Ultimate FRP Setup is especially For FRP Remove,

  • FRP Reset by Model

In this option, You have to just select Brand And Model And then Click On Reset FRP 

Connect the phone via USB Cable

  • Generic ADB/Fastboot

In This Option, You can remove FRP in ADB mode And Fastboot mode For Generic devices.

Note: In the Upcoming Updates maybe umt change some features And Add some new features Also, but the process is the same, So Don’t Be Confused After updates.

Tip: Watch Any UMT tutorial on Youtube to better understand,


I hope You understand All the Above things About How to Use UMT Dongle Which I mentioned above,

You can use another setup too with a Similar Process, And Other options Also,

Feel free to write in the comment section below. If You Have Any Query Regarding This Topic

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